Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Our first family photo!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Late Night Blog

Rhys has put on 1lb in a week. This is no surprise to me as I listen to his grunting, slurping across the other side of the bed. Actually, I'm now up as a direct result. I wish it were in some sacrificical kinda empathy for Kristen having to be up, but actually its just hard to sleep...

He is doing well and I suspect we have one of the "good ones" if some of the horror stories are anything to go by.

I spoke at at an Easter camp that the cessioncommunity helps organise. I quite like speaking at camp, even just doing one session. The theme for this year is freedom so I got to do the hard one: "What Not To Do With Freedom". So went down the Genesis 3 line of the original sin as "being like God" in answer to the Romans 6 question: "Shall we go on sinning?" Its interesting thinking through sin as an attempt to "be like God" or at least "play God". One thing that emerged for me was the fresh observation that Adam & Eve weren't kicked out of Eden for their disobedience with the tree but rather the potential for future disobedience. Their punishments are described as being (and I paraphrase) in both cases as "hard labour". The actual eviction related more to the possibility that they might next eat from the Tree of Life, thus adding immortality to their "being like God" in having knowledge of good and evil. Guess we just weren't designed to be God.

This week I'm expecting to be back into some kind of routine - I may need to leave the house to achieve it! We have Kristen's parents staying with us which is fun.

Anyways, better try to get some sleep as the boy will be going back down soon.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

All Publicity is Good Publicity?

Well, as of today I'm not sure I believe it! Yup, this awful photo made front page news in the local paper...">.

At least the article was quite good if a little inaccurate with some of the facts and in the quotes attributed to me!

We're home with baby Rhys now and with Papa and Granny Hinterman staying with us. All is going well and I even got some sleep last night!

Anyways, its great being a Dad.


Friday, March 18, 2005

Jones Jnr

OK - so the blogging style has been cramped just a little...

Rhys Christopher Glen Jones made his way into the world on Wednesday 17 March 2005. He is a large man (as you'd expect) weighing in at 4.25kg (9 lb 6 for the neanderthals). He has more hair than most men over 60 and is altogether quite the perfect little bundle of joy.

Kristen is doing fine after a difficult labour. She is a natural at this mothering thing. I'm very proud of her - 23 hours after a C-section she walks out of the hospital!

I am already convinced Rhys will change the world:

  • I think he could play no.8 for the AB's - there are signs he will have the physical presence and of course he'll have smarts...
  • He is gifted with uncanny head control for such a young baby - he is definitely destined fro greatness
  • He has long fingers which with his genes should translate into a talented musician

But then of course you know he already changed my world.


Monday, March 14, 2005


> Why is it that the world stops when Prince William falls off his horse playing polo?
> If Michael Jackson lies on oath, will his nose grow back?
> Why do I feel vaguely concerned at my emerging desire to grow a really great lawn?
> What is a smiling?
> Why are we Australia's whipping boys in cricket?
> Is it a bad sign that Jones jr disobeyed me by not being born yesterday?
> If someone blogs in a deserted part of the Amazon rainforest?
> Why does a clean office instil a state of zen-like tranquility within me?
> Why am I a recidivist stacker, dropper, piler, sort-that-file later kinda guy?
> Will my mother ask me to give her Grenz book back now?
> What is the sound of 2 feet clapping?
> Why am I still here instead of sweating manfully at the gymnauseum?


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Strange Sunday

Its Saturday night and I'm contemplating a strange Sunday. I'm not playing keys nor fact there's a very good chance I won't even go to church...we're waiting for this baby and in a state of high optimism I arranged to off duty this weekend in advance of our due date just gone on Friday. I told the baby this evening that I expected him/her to get in behind the needs of the ministry and arrange its exit today/tomorrow. Anyone want to lay bets on how successful THAT approach is gonna be?!

Anyways, I'm not really impatient - just wondering whether now I should go to church tomorrow in readiness for NEXT Sunday...

Had some friends over tonight. Nice and relaxed. Lotsa curries and my wife's awesome enchiladas. "Hi my name is Brett and I use food as a mood changer." Watched the Blues go down to the Chiefs. Now there's an embarassing loss. Looks like another season of Jekyll and Hyde.

Cricket was good though - after being given no chance against Australia we're matching them blow for blow. NZ 433 in the first innings. Au 432 in their first innings. NZ lead by 1 run! 2 days to go and as long as we don't collapse it should go to a draw. Now my US friends are completely mystified by a game that can go 5 days and still be a draw (and that be a good thing). We feel the same way about a World series played in one country ;)

Right well its time for bed. By the way tomorrow is this blog's blogaversary. One year since I started hurling keystrokes into the ether. Its been an interesting mostly positive experience. I should blog on it...


Friday, March 11, 2005

In Your Living Room...

Chanced upon an E-Entertainment special this morning on the Michael Jackson trial. Left me slightly speechless! Because the trial is closed and there is no TV coverage of the action, E has created these "re enactments" based on the transcripts. Its stunning really - the actors all look the same and its very well done - you could easily forget its not the actual trial...therein lies the problem. The subtlties of reaction are perhaps not faithfully rendered and the overall impression could be tailored. But this is unreality reality TV at a new level. Acting out real life as it happens. To be honest I couldn't find any bias - if the transcripts were faithfully kept to it really spoke for itself.

On that note - I finished my viewing convinced of one thing - Michael Jackson may well be guilty of something (anyone feel they're NOT in that category), but this witness, the eye witness brother of the alleged victim, was lying...either that or he is simply the worst truthful witness I have ever seen in a Court room! This was more than coaching in my opinion (although that was clearly apparent - choice of language and prepared evasions). There were examples of exaggeration (which he was unable to substantiate), downright lying (you can't give 2 completely conflicting accounts and expect to be believed), clearly fabricated accounts of detail and evasion (poorly executed). The cross examining lawyer had a field day - this was no contrived destruction of a witness - there was a highway a mile wide to surge down. Now we've yet to hear from the victim, but in that he was supposedly asleep during some of the alleged attacks, this kid was their key witness.

In my view this case should not have been brought based on what I saw - if Jackson is convicted you'd have to say it will be on the grounds that he is a freak. It will be interesting to see - OJ Simpson this is not.

Its the day off and NZ are 350-5 against the world champs Australia - compulsive viewing!


Monday, March 07, 2005

Disciplined Indiscipline

Last night marked 1 year since we planted the cessioncommunity - amazing to look back over what God has been doing! Sadly, we were a bit down with a few regulars out of play, but that didn't take the shine off the highlight of the night for me: One of the newer people to the community, Mel, baked a huge birthday cake for us! She did this out of her own sense of wanting to celebrate what she has been discovering at cession. It was truly awesome watching her light the candle...and inspiring hearing her talk on the phone today as she spoke about what has been happening for her and her partner Tyrone since they were invited just 3 months ago! When you see someone being transformed by the power of Christ-centred community you catch a glimpse of what the church should be all about...its sometimes hard to describe it, but you know it when you see it!

Saturday was a good day - a first serious foray into training our cell leaders. I was very committed to being at this event but also wondering whether I would resent the time expenditure - I'm not the best cell leader in the world but I have been doing it for a little while. What I (re) discovered was why I love leading cells so much! The power that community has to transform, love and extend the Kingdom. Melva did a fantabulous job with the training. I got completely lost in the experience and it really sharpened me up. I am so thankful that she is taking point on this - it was something that caused me angst most of last year and it is such a relief to have a highly competent self-starter carrying the vision of cell groups forward.

Sunday night was week 4: The Disciplined Life - I played the Willard/Ortberg card aka Training v Trying in attempting to cast vision for how life could look with a plan! It went on way too long and developed into a seminar rather than a sermon, but I think it connected with a number...what was awesome to see was the number of cool stories developing around this series:

  • Paul shared a story about how he has built prayer and meditation into his running - he prays while stretching and takes a bible verse from his devotions with him to memorise and meditate on
  • Richard re started his bible reading by diarising it - then discovered he was enjoying it so much he missed it if he didn't do it!
  • Rachel is now 22 days smoke free...

The series has totally exceeded my expectations!

Well, I cannot log off without welcoming Mr Frank Ritchie to the blogosphere - I met Frank last October when he began hanging around cession...Frank has one or 2 opinions and a way of looking at life that will make you think...check out his blog from the right hand menu "Fritchay"...