Saturday, March 12, 2005

Strange Sunday

Its Saturday night and I'm contemplating a strange Sunday. I'm not playing keys nor fact there's a very good chance I won't even go to church...we're waiting for this baby and in a state of high optimism I arranged to off duty this weekend in advance of our due date just gone on Friday. I told the baby this evening that I expected him/her to get in behind the needs of the ministry and arrange its exit today/tomorrow. Anyone want to lay bets on how successful THAT approach is gonna be?!

Anyways, I'm not really impatient - just wondering whether now I should go to church tomorrow in readiness for NEXT Sunday...

Had some friends over tonight. Nice and relaxed. Lotsa curries and my wife's awesome enchiladas. "Hi my name is Brett and I use food as a mood changer." Watched the Blues go down to the Chiefs. Now there's an embarassing loss. Looks like another season of Jekyll and Hyde.

Cricket was good though - after being given no chance against Australia we're matching them blow for blow. NZ 433 in the first innings. Au 432 in their first innings. NZ lead by 1 run! 2 days to go and as long as we don't collapse it should go to a draw. Now my US friends are completely mystified by a game that can go 5 days and still be a draw (and that be a good thing). We feel the same way about a World series played in one country ;)

Right well its time for bed. By the way tomorrow is this blog's blogaversary. One year since I started hurling keystrokes into the ether. Its been an interesting mostly positive experience. I should blog on it...


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