Friday, March 11, 2005

In Your Living Room...

Chanced upon an E-Entertainment special this morning on the Michael Jackson trial. Left me slightly speechless! Because the trial is closed and there is no TV coverage of the action, E has created these "re enactments" based on the transcripts. Its stunning really - the actors all look the same and its very well done - you could easily forget its not the actual trial...therein lies the problem. The subtlties of reaction are perhaps not faithfully rendered and the overall impression could be tailored. But this is unreality reality TV at a new level. Acting out real life as it happens. To be honest I couldn't find any bias - if the transcripts were faithfully kept to it really spoke for itself.

On that note - I finished my viewing convinced of one thing - Michael Jackson may well be guilty of something (anyone feel they're NOT in that category), but this witness, the eye witness brother of the alleged victim, was lying...either that or he is simply the worst truthful witness I have ever seen in a Court room! This was more than coaching in my opinion (although that was clearly apparent - choice of language and prepared evasions). There were examples of exaggeration (which he was unable to substantiate), downright lying (you can't give 2 completely conflicting accounts and expect to be believed), clearly fabricated accounts of detail and evasion (poorly executed). The cross examining lawyer had a field day - this was no contrived destruction of a witness - there was a highway a mile wide to surge down. Now we've yet to hear from the victim, but in that he was supposedly asleep during some of the alleged attacks, this kid was their key witness.

In my view this case should not have been brought based on what I saw - if Jackson is convicted you'd have to say it will be on the grounds that he is a freak. It will be interesting to see - OJ Simpson this is not.

Its the day off and NZ are 350-5 against the world champs Australia - compulsive viewing!


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