Friday, January 08, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

...I posted this:

" some sad protestors at the ASB Tennis Classic in Auckland - protesting professional tennis player Israeli Shahar Peer's involvement - Global Peace and Justice aka John Minto, parading the so-called "developing international consensus" for a sport boycott - which right now doesn't exist so GPJ are on a limb with this one - local influence being leveraged by international tragedy through unilateral action not yet justified by international consensus - there may be a place for boycotts through sport but you do it with the accountability of international consensus when the protection of one group's rights involves the infringement of another person's rights - the sacrifice of one person's rights ostensibly for the rights of others."

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Top 9 in 2009

Top tens are so passe. Here's 9 of mine from 2009:

1. We welcomed Ryleigh Jeanne Carys to our family. We call her "smiley Ryleigh" because she has the biggest smile you can imagine. She is an early climber like her sister and loves to pull herself up to stand. A very good-natured child who is adored by her brother and sister.

2. Rhys turned 4. He is everything a parent could ever want in a little boy. He has a wonderful imagination and it is a joy to watch him play and interact with his environment. His latest questions alternate: tell me a story about when you were a little guy Dad and tell me a story when I was a baby. His favourite things for 2009 were Ryleigh being born, Christmas presents and being part of such a great family (his words). He is also looking forward to Granny coming to NZ for his 5th birthday.

3. Raegan turned 2. She puts the terrible in 2. I like to think of it as "spirit"! Raegan is independent and strong-minded. Some of it is her fun-loving nature which includes testing boundaries; some of it is her stubborness. She takes most strongly after one of her parents...Raegan also has a tender heart - if someone is hurt she will always make sure they are OK. She loves riding her trike around the deck....Right now her favourite question is: "why?" I'd like to say it is her thirst for knowledge but I think of it as more like a reflex...'

4. I am very fortunate to have a better 3/4 in Kristen. Life would be monochromatic without her.

5. I had the privilege of baptising Daniel.

6. I acquired a new keyboard for my birthday. After 12 years with the old one it was a bit of a wrench, but it was well worth it. I have nearly paid for it now with sale proceeds, gifts and a bit of work on the side...

7. I discovered some new things about me and worked through some old things. Some of these things have very great meaning to me.

8. We welcomed 16 new partners with cessioncommunity. I love meeting and connecting with new people who share a common excitement about what we're doing together.

9. I feel like I made a difference.

A good year. D.G.