Friday, March 21, 2008

Loan, Loaned, Lent

Lent is done. This final week has been good - the sacramental life has been my discipline of engagement - I tried to do my piece of art for Stations of the Cross, with this in mind. I made a cup of suffering. Its OK. Some say it looks like something off a Hellraiser movie - if does have some little sharp bits sticking out of it...

Abstinence has been a little challenged over the last few weeks by being very busy and particularly being out of Auckland for some extended periods for the national church. Also its a bit of a community-focused season for us, with 300 people showing up to our Easter Egg Hunt last weekend and a Stations exhibition plus 3 services this Easter weekend. So far I managed to throw wax all over me from a candle. There are some awesome exhibits. That makes it sound like me throwing wax is an exhibit!

But for those interested I did stay the course. The biggest thing was the way my attitude to food has changed. It is truly an amazing thing to sort out all the little lies you tell yourself. I'm beginning to see other areas which are the same.

I made the 10kg goal. Actually it was 12.1kg (27lbs). I'm gonna stay with it for a while longer and go to at least 15kg. I still seem a little fat for my weight, so we'll see what exercise adds to the picture. Nice side benefit.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Champions

In a week where the Blues lost to the journeymen Force, its good to have cultural heritage options when it comes to rugby! Doesn't give me any scholarship options mind you...What an amazing turnaround for the Welsh team after the World Cup - putting a Kiwi in charge seems to have worked for them (again). Also in late breaking news, Rhett Snell slips out of the top 500 in the Virtual Super 14 and is beaten soundly by yours truly in this week's picks. Head over to Rhett's blog today for the explanation...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not Much To Say

Told you!