Monday, March 07, 2005

Disciplined Indiscipline

Last night marked 1 year since we planted the cessioncommunity - amazing to look back over what God has been doing! Sadly, we were a bit down with a few regulars out of play, but that didn't take the shine off the highlight of the night for me: One of the newer people to the community, Mel, baked a huge birthday cake for us! She did this out of her own sense of wanting to celebrate what she has been discovering at cession. It was truly awesome watching her light the candle...and inspiring hearing her talk on the phone today as she spoke about what has been happening for her and her partner Tyrone since they were invited just 3 months ago! When you see someone being transformed by the power of Christ-centred community you catch a glimpse of what the church should be all about...its sometimes hard to describe it, but you know it when you see it!

Saturday was a good day - a first serious foray into training our cell leaders. I was very committed to being at this event but also wondering whether I would resent the time expenditure - I'm not the best cell leader in the world but I have been doing it for a little while. What I (re) discovered was why I love leading cells so much! The power that community has to transform, love and extend the Kingdom. Melva did a fantabulous job with the training. I got completely lost in the experience and it really sharpened me up. I am so thankful that she is taking point on this - it was something that caused me angst most of last year and it is such a relief to have a highly competent self-starter carrying the vision of cell groups forward.

Sunday night was week 4: The Disciplined Life - I played the Willard/Ortberg card aka Training v Trying in attempting to cast vision for how life could look with a plan! It went on way too long and developed into a seminar rather than a sermon, but I think it connected with a number...what was awesome to see was the number of cool stories developing around this series:

  • Paul shared a story about how he has built prayer and meditation into his running - he prays while stretching and takes a bible verse from his devotions with him to memorise and meditate on
  • Richard re started his bible reading by diarising it - then discovered he was enjoying it so much he missed it if he didn't do it!
  • Rachel is now 22 days smoke free...

The series has totally exceeded my expectations!

Well, I cannot log off without welcoming Mr Frank Ritchie to the blogosphere - I met Frank last October when he began hanging around cession...Frank has one or 2 opinions and a way of looking at life that will make you think...check out his blog from the right hand menu "Fritchay"...


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