Monday, February 28, 2005

Service with a Difference

So we're in week 3 of "The Undivided Life" - this week it was "The Worshipping Life"...our usual venue was booked for the ballet(!) so we relocated for the night to the nearby Habitat For Humanity warehouse. The usual food options were there with chairs set up outdoors all ready for "the service". What people didn't know was that we were going to worship through service to Habitat! 2 hours later, people were sweaty, dirty but feeling good about their worship offering...nice.

Its been a weird week:

  • Wednesday I was debriefing with 2 of our missionaries wearing the National Church hat;
  • Then that night playing small group leader;
  • Thursday, I was playing National Secretary at the National Council - this still feels like a weird role but people seem to appreciate that we are actually getting away from administration to strategy and leadership;
  • Saturday, I got the chance to marry Jimmy and Nicola (they married each other as well). A great witness - this is the couple who, having got their lives with Christ sorted out, began living apart at the start of their engagement - they specifically asked me to talk about this in the I did!
  • Sunday, it was National Secretary time again, this time at a Ministerial Licensing;
  • Sunday afternoon was a dedication for a fringe cession attender;
  • Tuesday I fly to Wellington for the Heads of Churches meeting;

I feel the conflict of these various roles, particularly the time demands and role changes with events very close together. And I still feel like the same stroppy know-it-all that led me to pastoral ministry. Some days I feel distinctly non-pastor-al...

My wife took me on a day-date on Friday. We went to "The House of Flying Daggers" a beautifully shot martial arts love story complete with subtitles...highly recommended for the visual symphony. Picnic lunch on the Mission Bay boardwalk/park. A quick pastoral visit to one of 3 babies born this week. Then dinner at a Thai restaurant.

Anyways...lowest weight to date on the weekend...somehow?

Lotsa good stuff happening...need to keep moving!


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