Monday, March 14, 2005


> Why is it that the world stops when Prince William falls off his horse playing polo?
> If Michael Jackson lies on oath, will his nose grow back?
> Why do I feel vaguely concerned at my emerging desire to grow a really great lawn?
> What is a smiling?
> Why are we Australia's whipping boys in cricket?
> Is it a bad sign that Jones jr disobeyed me by not being born yesterday?
> If someone blogs in a deserted part of the Amazon rainforest?
> Why does a clean office instil a state of zen-like tranquility within me?
> Why am I a recidivist stacker, dropper, piler, sort-that-file later kinda guy?
> Will my mother ask me to give her Grenz book back now?
> What is the sound of 2 feet clapping?
> Why am I still here instead of sweating manfully at the gymnauseum?


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