Friday, March 18, 2005

Jones Jnr

OK - so the blogging style has been cramped just a little...

Rhys Christopher Glen Jones made his way into the world on Wednesday 17 March 2005. He is a large man (as you'd expect) weighing in at 4.25kg (9 lb 6 for the neanderthals). He has more hair than most men over 60 and is altogether quite the perfect little bundle of joy.

Kristen is doing fine after a difficult labour. She is a natural at this mothering thing. I'm very proud of her - 23 hours after a C-section she walks out of the hospital!

I am already convinced Rhys will change the world:

  • I think he could play no.8 for the AB's - there are signs he will have the physical presence and of course he'll have smarts...
  • He is gifted with uncanny head control for such a young baby - he is definitely destined fro greatness
  • He has long fingers which with his genes should translate into a talented musician

But then of course you know he already changed my world.


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