Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Late Night Blog

Rhys has put on 1lb in a week. This is no surprise to me as I listen to his grunting, slurping across the other side of the bed. Actually, I'm now up as a direct result. I wish it were in some sacrificical kinda empathy for Kristen having to be up, but actually its just hard to sleep...

He is doing well and I suspect we have one of the "good ones" if some of the horror stories are anything to go by.

I spoke at at an Easter camp that the cessioncommunity helps organise. I quite like speaking at camp, even just doing one session. The theme for this year is freedom so I got to do the hard one: "What Not To Do With Freedom". So went down the Genesis 3 line of the original sin as "being like God" in answer to the Romans 6 question: "Shall we go on sinning?" Its interesting thinking through sin as an attempt to "be like God" or at least "play God". One thing that emerged for me was the fresh observation that Adam & Eve weren't kicked out of Eden for their disobedience with the tree but rather the potential for future disobedience. Their punishments are described as being (and I paraphrase) in both cases as "hard labour". The actual eviction related more to the possibility that they might next eat from the Tree of Life, thus adding immortality to their "being like God" in having knowledge of good and evil. Guess we just weren't designed to be God.

This week I'm expecting to be back into some kind of routine - I may need to leave the house to achieve it! We have Kristen's parents staying with us which is fun.

Anyways, better try to get some sleep as the boy will be going back down soon.


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