Friday, July 03, 2009

On the Run

It is a different world here in the US. I noticed a billboard while driving to Traverse City this week:

"Michigan's toughest job. Support Michigan Department of Corrections."

Complete with knuckleduster and switchblade illustrations. There's a PR campaign right there. Leaves the NZ Police "Get Better Work Stories" line in the dust. I wasn't sure of the point of it. Was it a joke?

Then later in the trip we're driving down a wooded back road area and there's another sign:

"Do not pick up hitchhikers: Prison Area".

Now, there's a sign to fill you with confidence and generate flashbacks of any number of B grade movies.

Apparently the Governor of Michigan has proposed a scheme designed to prop up the prison system in Michigan - there have been a number of closures. Now normally this would be a good thing right, getting the prison population down? But apparently, the economic issues are not so clear and I guess its jobs for some people. So the new scheme is to ship them in from California where they have too many criminals it seems. Arnie seems keen and added, "Now, none of dis 'I'll be back' crap OK?"

Won't be long until they rename it Australia.


Simon said...

Traverse City? Check out the movie theatre, I've got a friend (Dave Murphy) who's involved. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch; apparently the theatre is a real experience.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with your 'prison' comments...but my favorite Michigan sign is "Do Not Pass When Opposing Traffic Present". What idiot would purposefully pass when another vehicle is approaching head on??? Makes me wonder about our driving skills in MI if that kind of sign is necessary!