Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On the Road

So today we head away for Traverse City, Michigan - the home of Kristen's Aunt and brother. Rhys and Raegan will enjoy seeing their Christmas cousins again - they have already become great friends in just a short time. We'll also check out Chris' new church - The Journey - and join them in house hunting escapades.

So you can follow where we are at, here is where Michigan is in red:

We are situated in Lansing and heading to Traverse City. We arrived in Detroit by plane. So you can see the various places - I will be at a Rob Bell Conference next week in Grand Rapids which is also where Kristen and I got married! For those that care, I have internet and am receiving email but can't get it to send - so am getting what you send but haven't been able to reply just yet.

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Rhett said...

I never new that Michigan was Wisconson's Northern Ireland.