Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Made It!

So we made it...just...I think its a bit like childbirth...everyone hates it, but a couple of years goes by and all you can think of is how cute it would be to have a little newborn.

The LA leg was OK. At some point, kids all slept - rare that all three slept at the same time. Beginnings and endings of flights were the worst bits for the kids - waiting on the tarmac...

Managed to watch "Watchmen" which was a dark, violent experience made more manic by the constant use of the Pause button while I attended to one of the kids...Qantas did a pretty good job of the food and stuff for the kids.

Going direct to Detroit was a good call, but it was the longest 4 hours of my life with Ryleigh unsettled and Raegan wanting her Momma. Trying to keep Rae entertained involved every parental trick available.

I hadn't been feeling that well since LA. Just a low level nausea. Maybe dehydrated? Anyways the turbulence on the descent into Detroit almost caused an emergency evacuation! Every shred of willpower went into not barfing! Not so lucky on the car trip from Detroit to Lansing. Fortunately, a gift bag and rest area ensured the car stayed clean...

So then we have to deal with these hyped up, over tired kids who are having a party with their cousins with me getting the chills. An interesting night of which Kristen took the brunt. What a good mother :) Eventually, sleep arrived for all.

So here we are in a house filled with kids, and more family expected as the day goes on. Nice.


Flendolyn said...

Dear God,
I think you missed the part in the prayer about no turbulence.
But you did get the all three kids asleep at once part, and the getting them there safely part..
Could we try for three from three on the way home?

Jonathan said...

You're a brave man, traveling with three kids!!!

How long are you away for?

Nige said...

Glad u arrived safely and that the longest flight was good. Any other good movies?

Rhett said...

What did you think of Watchmen?

I found it ok, but also featured a little too much blue manhood.

BJ said...

We are here for a month. I liked Watchmen. It had an interesting style with long flashbacks. I saw most of a movie about an Anglican minister who thinks he has been reincarnated from a dog! Wish I'd seen the end, it was very wry, funny and English.