Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Night in Politics

So the public thinks John Key was a 2-1 winner in last night's leaders debate. Perhaps thats because they expected Clark to spank him and she didn't gain that kind of superiority. There's no question Clark performed well - she is a past mistress at these debates. However, at times she seemed rattled in a very un-Helen kind of way. I think she has herself to blame - at the last election various news agencies reported the following:

Prime Minister Helen Clark has poured scorn on claims by National Party leader Don Brash that he took mercy on her in their TV debate because of her sex. "Sounds like an excuse for losing to me," Clark said yesterday. "I think after the event he's trying to work out what happened to him. I think in this day and age you don't treat women differently because they are female. "I've grown up in a New Zealand where girls can do anything and we expected to be treated as equals," she said. Clark said she found Brash's attitude "quaint, a little old- fashioned -- patronising".

Last night, a feisty John Key seemed happy to give Helen an equal opportunity spanking leading Helen to squeal in protest:

"You're not going to shout me down, John. You may get away with that at home..."

Did she really say that? Most of the news media are only reporting the first half - I thought the second was more revealing!


Bob said...

That dirty little wife beater...

BJ said...

Bob, how dare you be so frank!

Rhett said...

I thought neither of them won, but boy was their conduct embarassing. They were like schoolchildren. I'd be embarassed for a foreigner to see that debate.

This is interesting (from

'TV3 News reported last night that when Mrs Turia was asked if she wanted to see the dole scrapped, she said: "Yes. Absolutely. I'm opposed to the dole. I have to be very frank with you - I don't think it is healthy for the spirit of our people, to be getting money for doing nothing."'

... Great, huh? Glad Turia said it. Because of course when other poltiicians say it, it's racist or "patronizing". Anyway, the Maori Party is looking like it could work well with National.

Bob said...

"Anyway, the Maori Party is looking like it could work well with National."

It's just a pity that a National Government wouldn't work well for New Zealand.