Monday, October 13, 2008

World Crisis: Helen's Saviour?

It's been interesting watching the global credit crisis mess completely with John McCain's campaign. With all the baggage of being a Republican and therefore "incumbent", Obama's message of change is winning the hearts and minds of voters. Only entrenched racism will stop him now you'd think.

Meantime, the incumbent here, seems to be gaining strength from the crisis, despite a horror show "opening of the books" last week. The governments big announcement on "guaranteeing" bank deposits here will have a lot more clout than it should - its never likely to be needed. But the timing couldn't be better and the advantage of diplomatic channels with Australia being open to the government, leaves Helen with the advantage of playing the incumbent card in a way which Key can't.

Then the tax bribes, I mean cuts, got cut. Which doesn't motivate me, but it will mean something for the electorate.

Then there's Kiwisaver. Its just not a good look cutting the employer contributions in half. Businesses will be happy no doubt, but again this will carry more clout than it should. People are more passionate about Kiwisaver now that its being taken away from them (to some extent) than they ever were when faced with the prospect of voluntary contributions to the scheme from their pay packet!

Say what you like about Helen Clark: she is a leader. She may well outshine John Key in the crisis management department. And Labour may just avoid the stain of an appalling financial disclosure last week, that should have been enough to sink them forever.

While Frank's blog is flirting with the benefits of voting Maori Party, this voter is struggling to work out how he will exercise a vote at all. The breakdown:

Labour - no longer trustworthy - need a good kick in the bollocks to promote a return to a less radical social agenda
National - never voted National and not likely to start now - Key and English are a bit "deer in the headlights" for me
Green - hahahahaha
Progressive - who? Old Labour.
NZ First - wiNZton First
ACT - don't have a chance so a wasted vote
United Future - a spent force unless Peter Dunne can win Oharia-Belmont - no worm in sight to save Peter this time
Maori Party - don't be fooled this is a party for Maori with a radical bi cultural agenda. Honest about it though and some salt of the earth types involved

All in all, the only thing I can think to do is to with hold my vote from Labour and not vote. But that doesn't sit well with me. At least with cars, I can pick on colour...


Rhett said...

For me, the two legitimate options are National or United Future.

At a basic policy level UF probably represents me best, and Brian Krum's wife is party preseident, so I'm convinced there is a fairly good moral underpinning there. But as you say, they are a spent force in some ways. And their chances are slim.

So in reality I'll most likely be voting for National, which is quite a swing from the Greens!

Anonymous said...

Rhett, Rhett, Rhett...

I'll pray for you.


BJ said...

What if Brian's wife is a complete fruit loop and he married her to save her from herself?

It just seems a bit flimsy to me.