Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Jedi Encounter

Yoda: Matters much, poor quality, it seems, hmmm?
Paduin: Yes Master Yoda, it makes me feel worthless when things around me are poorly executed.
Yoda: Worthless you are not, child of God you are, hmmm?
Paduin: Yes Master Yoda, but....
Yoda: "But", an answer it is not, a question it is, yesss.
Paduin: But...
Yoda: Hmmm. Feel...
Paduin: The Force?
Yoda: No. Just feel.


Cami Miller said...

Hey Brett,

This is Cami Miller, leader from the IWU team in May. I am now a little more settled into 12Stone church and would love to start talking with you about presenting the option of NZ to my church. Really what they have going here is amazing and I pretty much daily see things that I would LOVE to see connect with the NZ church. I have NOT forgotten about you at all! I wasn't sure of your would you mind emailing me at so that we could start dialoging? I look forward to hearing from you!


Vipers Lips said...

you OK man? You sound a bit weirded out. Just let it go big fulla!

BJ said...

I'm good. This was some homework I did for supervision, blogging on the psychology of performance. Why does poor execution matter to me? That is not to say poor execution is excuseable but why does it matter TO ME. It ended up coming out a bit creatively so I posted it. My supervisor however is worried that I'm hiding behind Yoda. Which is hard because he's very small. But there is bound to be a deep seated reason why I found it vaguely amusing. Other than finding it amusing that is.

I think it goes back to my mother. Really I do. But hey I probably shouldn't post that there. She reads this blog!

Hi Mum.

Mum said...

Don't blame it on me you little prick! That came out more Freudian than I intended. Sorry son.