Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shame On You

So the Labour-led government has finally found a limit on its political correctness. Having savaged our social policy in recent years with legislation covering topics such as de facto property rights, civil unions, legalisation of prostitution and parental discipline, the end is now in sight.

NZ has failed to vote for the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights citing an incompatibility with NZ law. Except for one small detail: its a non binding declaration. So NZ could have happily signed off on this and pointed to the Treaty of Waitangi as its defining governing "legislation".

Its a cynical political move. With a dwindling voter base, shocked at the radical social engineering of recent years, Labour finally has to count the cost, ironically where the injustice is the greatest. In the end, they figure the Maori party will get the Maori votes anyway, so they better not offend the middle ground any more with spectres of reverse land grabbing and usurping of settler sovereignty.

No comment from John Key yet! Probably best to stay quiet on this one John...

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Rhett said...

Banner on the wall of the church from which Brian Tamaki announced the new Christian party...

"Eventually We Will Influence Everything."

Struck me as a little bit odd.