Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Romans Course

This week I'm doing a Romans course at Carey Baptist College. So far its been good value. The lecturer is an enthusiast and I respect greatly his ability to translate the Greek on the fly. I have not been in a class like this before where the lecturer is so capable within his subject. It's also interesting being in a class of considerable diversity. Such a wide range of opinion. I have done my best to suppress my own starting points and just allow the text of Romans to speak. This can be a frustrating process if one is simply there to test one's own preconceptions (or the lecturer)! But he has a positive conviction that we should learn how to approach a book like Romans, rather than simply give us the answers. He's also prepared to allow for a healthy dose of mystery. Anyways, so far Wesley was right! ;)

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Steve Deur said...

"Read Romans through the eyes of Jesus and not Martin Luther."
- Dwight Pryor

I like that quote.