Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

Prime TV has a knack of getting the really good shows - The Office, Extras, Robin Hood...and now The Flight of the Conchords! I saw this awesome folk duo last night - may favourite musical moments from the song, I'm Not Crying. First there is the lyrical genius of:

I'm not crying, noooo-ho-ho-ho.
There's just a little bit of dust in my eye

Just from the path that you made when you said your goodbye.
I'm not weeping cause you won't be here to hold my hand,
For your information there's an inflammation in my tear-gland.
I'm not upset because you left me this way,
My eyes are just a little sweaty today.
They've been looking around a lot, searching for you,
They've been looking for you,
Even though I told them not to.


Then this moment of excellence unequalled since Alanis Morisette's misstatement of irony:

I'm sitting at this table called love
Staring down at the irony of life.
How come we've reached this fork in the road,
And yet it cuts like a knife.


Anyways it made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a Bluegrass song I heard 2 years ago..."And if your phone don't ring, it'll be me". :>)

Rhett said...

I watched it too... such a great show. My favourite song was totally the one about the robots.

'The humans are dead / The humans are dead / We used poisonous gasses / And we poisoned their asses'

- Not to forget the brilliant Part-Time Model! -

'You must be the most beautiful girl in the room / And on the street / Depending on the street / You're definitely in the top 3 most beautiful girls on the street.'

Ken said...

BJ, I caught these guys on Comedy Central here in the States and they cracked me up. Really great material... kooky is the word I think of, but brilliant in their timing, witticism, and delivery. I'd love to catch more of these two...