Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In Memorium

This is always a funny week for me. Its a kind of worlds-colliding week, not bad, just interesting and cause for reflection.

Monday 3 July was the 4th anniversary of my late wife's Claire's death. It seems forever ago and just like yesterday all at the same time. This year I have been too pressed to make my annual pilgrammage to Cockle Bay, the beach where we were married and where Claire's ashes were scattered. I guess thats what happens when an anniversary falls on a week day (unlike the past few years). I'll still go - I'm not sentimental (OCD?) about doing things on the exact days.

But its been fun recalling our life together, remembering little turns of phrase she had that have been popping up in my vocab this week - Claire loved the word "jaunty" for example and would use it with a slightly clipped, affected voice that made it very funny. Just a week or 2 ago, I was watching a DVD at cell and found myself asking the question in response to a situation where a woman lost her husband, "How would I cope with that?" Except I already did. That was a strange moment.

On the other hand, yesterday was 4 July and we celebrate that today (its 4 July in the USA now) as a family every year. This has only become more important to us with Rhys around. The new life has fresh patterns of its own.

Anyways, nothing particularly deep to say - just aware of the seasons of life this week - the bitter-sweet moments - the memories and creation of memories - traditions and recollections.

Its good.


Rhett said...

Thanks for sharing bro.

Steve Deur said...

I like it when you share your heart and life...
You are a stud dude.