Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rockstar Excess

Alright, here's where I admit a huge character flaw. Last time I discovered one was in 1986. Here it is: I watched Rockstar INXS and I will watch Rockstar Supernova...

Even if only for the best unsigned...houseband in the world - awesome band!

Anyways, I won't be voting but I have picked my top 6 after watching week 1. I will be very disappointed if the majority don't make it through to the business end of the show. My top 6 in order of rating so far are:


Sweet, soul voice with wild intonation - the talent oozes - will be interesting to see how versatility shapes up

Excellent voice with great stage presence

Intense, feral, unique

Ryan (Where did the photo go?)
Demonstrated multi-dimensional intensity within one song


Superb vocal - out-idolled Billy - weird weasel boy


A lot of voice - a bit frilly round the edges but could make it to the last few

Watch for the goof from Iceland to go first...


Rhett said...

Weird thing is... I really liked the weird Icelandic guy.

But I cringed through 90% of the show... they're all so cliche!

Doesn't mean I'll stop watching it though.

BJ said...

Phew, my peeps all fact none of them "made" the bottom three