Sunday, October 16, 2005

You Want Fries With That?

So, this is like a peer-pressure blog. Cos Rhett asked me if I had updated at church tonight. And so I'm feeling the pressure. This is the same Rhett who told me that my preaching tonight and last week was like watching paint dry...he was being droll: there has been an artist painting an aspect of the Holy Spirit while I preach.

Tonight it was the Holy Spirit as it was kind of appropriate in a deep fried kind of way that topic was: You Want Fries With That? This week was all about the Holy Spirit as giver of gifts and so we wandered through 1 Corinthians 12. Actually, it was pretty cool - we had a number of people respond afterwards who came forward to be anointed with oil for healing. There were also a good number of "personal impact" comments afterwards.

The irony was that I have the 'flu. So thank you Holy Spirit for energy and empowering.

Which is the real reason I am blogging: I am home early to rest and recuperate, while the faithful Powell's lock down the PAC. Nice.

This weekend has been significant for the interviews we've been doing with nominees to our Oversight Group. Very awesome people we've been meeting with. I'm sitting there thinking: how cool I get these people to lead me and lead with me. I like the church a lot.



jean said...

Hey Brett, FAB job tonite. I was really moved...and doing worship as well just really helped me focus. Well done and keep it up.

Rhett said...

That was quick.

Your new blog looks spiffing. Hopefully it will inspire you to post more over. I look forawrd to getting my Jonesboy fix each week.

Hopefully that didn't sound as wrong to you as it did to me.

Rhett said...

that was supposed to be "post more often".

Frank said...

Your jonesboy fix? You're a strange lad Rhett ;o)

Thanks for the interview. It's always a weird experience being interviews and being asked about what I have to offer and my strengths (whatever the sitaution)..... usually I don't give them much thought, so to go through such an experience is quite validating and uplifting. It's a good reminder that God places things within us to equip us to do his work and that we all have something valuable to offer.

I hadn't had the prophetic thing come up since moving away from Te Aroha, so that was timely as well. It's good to have that addressed in a setting that understands it as I do.... it makes me more comfortable with that part of myself. Other understandings of being prophetic have always made me want to move away from having that part of what God has given me pointed out.

David Drury said...

HA - a peer pressure blog.

for sure.

I've had those too!