Thursday, October 20, 2005


Its been a strange week. Lots of good things but as the week winds down it is the negatives playing on my mind. Maybe its the tail end of 'flu and associated exhaustion!

So my cousin's husband drops dead on Tuesday night. 40 years old and no history. Funeral is Saturday. Definitely one of the toughies to understand. Looking for the redemptive lining to the tragedy cloud.

Had a difficult conflict situation land on me this afternoon. Not from within the church, but one of those external relationships where people treat the church in an unjust way and you have to walk the truth v grace line. I'm sure they would have preferred we just buckle, but when people are abusing a relationship with mutual obligations I do feel compelled to "tell the truth". We'll see what happens next. Personally, i just hate that stuff: the whole situation could have been avoided with proper communication.

Then there is the Methodist Church's continuing flirtation with radical liberal theology. Actually its worse than that: I think its been long consumated. But with the prospect of a lesbian President being appointed to lead the church in 2007, there are the inevitable echoes back to 2000 and our "involuntary church plant" out of the Methodist Church. Of course we get asked to comment and thats another linewalking exercise.

Anyway, I'm just bleating. Tomorrow is a sleep in.



c-man said...


rough week. i am not sure how to respond except...


Jonesboy said...

Thanks Carter

Jonesboy said...

Thanks Carter