Monday, October 24, 2005


We finished off the Supersize Me series with the final serving: Holiness or Happy Meal? It really reminded me of the significance of Jesus 30 odd years on earth. Its true Jesus died for us - but he also lived for us. The holiness of the "I AM" of the OT, unapproachable in his "otherness", incarnate in human flesh. Holiness with skin on. Those years in human flesh were a big part of what God did for us in Jesus.

Anyways, you get the full sermon at, thats just not true, but its my blog and I will mislead if I want to...

I got to pray with a new guy who turned up and gave his life to Christ. Pretty cool.

Saturday was the funeral for my cousin. It seemed like the whole town turned up. A sobering time. He was 40. Bizarre moment of the day was the woman who was taking the Taikwando class with him, sharing about the actual moment of his death, including the whole CPR thing. You could sense everyone willing her to shut up. Anyway, the moment was saved by the posthumous awarding of his black belt, which was, strangely, the most poignant moment of the service.

A "day off" today with it being Labour Day. I think that means "hard labour" day! We've got to start packing this house up. Still the sun is shining and there will no doubt be a time to rest...

Rhys is finally well, so am looking for some quality play time!


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C-man said...

LOOK AT THE HAIR. That is awesome!!