Sunday, October 16, 2005


So I'm trying to get this new template organised...I like the colours and stuff but all my links are at the bottom. This is annoying because when I preview the template, while editing, it all looks fine. Then there's the annoying fact that my comment facility only seems to show if I actually access the post itself as a single page. Unless it shows the enabled comments with this new post which is possible. Annoying. Anyone got any ideas?


Jonesboy said...

Well it didn't show the comments field as I'd hoped - maybe actually posting a comment will help

jean said...

it looks REALLY good...but sorry i don't have any ideas how to help. i suck with computers!

Jonesboy said...

Ah, but at least I've worked out the comments are signalled by the number next to the headings, so to comment you just hit the number - even if it is a zero! Now if only I can get the menu bar to work!

C-man said...


So po-mo.

love the look.