Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Sunday night was another cool time with the people of the cessioncommunity. Personally, I felt somewhat dazed after the energy-sapping preparation and execution that goes into a funeral (the day before). But God was good and people seemed to get touched. Had a number of conversations afterwards that left me in no doubt that God was doing what he does. I even got an email the next day which was so encouraging after the week that was:

"Just felt to let you know what a wonderful job you are doing. Last night was incredible and really impacted me with the worship and the message. I just wanted to encourage you by sharing how great last night was."

Six months ago I didn't even know this person and they were not connected to a church community.

There were 2 dramas that just left me gasping for air - one right before the message - it was so well performed and hilarious, I really didn't know what I was going to say - and what's more the guy, who'd been doing this monolgue, just stayed sitting at the table he was at drinking coffee - so I'm like if I pray maybe he'll be gone by the time I finish?! It was cool to have Dave paint a picture during my message - fire - reflecting the Supersize Me series on the Holy Spirit that we're doing.

The funeral. This was one of those mixed experiences. I have never conducted a funeral and so was pleased to be sharing it with the Anglican pastor. But in having to do the message and the committal at the crematorium, I felt that I had the most impacting roles to play. The church was full. People from all kinds of backgrounds. Even some friends of mine from school days who were somewhat taken aback by my role in the occasion. I preached a short, but what I felt was prompted, message on the juxtaposition of Psalms 22 and 23 and the twin poles of hope and despair around which we humans live our lives. And the amazing thing was: many people seemed to be touched by God in this most unlikely of places. Actually, I was overwhelmed at the response. Much to pray about as I continue to journey with these people - old and new relationships with the opportunity to be a part of what God has planned for their lives.


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