Friday, October 07, 2005

Blogging Slump

I seem to be in a blogging slump! Actually, I think its just a general slump. Feeling a bit listless and lacking. A few early nights may be in order.

Am in the middle of planning a funeral for a family friend. The big "C". I'm tag teaming with the local Anglican minister. Actually, I'm more than happy for him to carry it, but somehow I've ended up with the message...he's an experienced pastor! It will make for an interesting (read: I'm not sure what to expect) day - this is the church that Claire's funeral took place in. Here's something even spookier - he died in the same room as Claire did at the hospice.

I had the privilege of sharing with the man during his illness. According to his wife it helped him make his peace with God. I hope so.

Today was the day off - spent with Claire's sisters kids - my nieces and nephew. A monster game of Monopoly was the main attraction. They are sharp Monopoly players those kids!

So tonight was to be date night but my wife is sharing it with another woman - our friend is in labour...

A strangely poignant day of life and death. And Rockstar INXS. Yes I know who won but it doesn't stop me supporting the other guy...

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