Saturday, August 13, 2005

"You Give and Take Away"

Its been an interesting week, with a few stories to tell.

Remember the glasses? Well it looked like they would cost me around $350 to replace - I mean they were snapped in half! Someone then made a really good suggestion: use the old lenses and just buy new frames - this seemed like a cool idea - in fact it would mean that I could get away with around $150. It felt like God had placed that person's thought in my day. Then I get another idea: maybe they could fix them? So I take them up to the store and sure enough, they can! The estimate is $30. So from $350 to $30 I was feeling pretty good. I went to pick them up yesterday, pull out my card to pay and she says, "Don't worry about it". After I pick my jaw up off the floor I thank her and she says, "I'm feeling generous!" Whats more the old frames have been straightened (I'm a bit rough on glasses), screws tightened and generally overhauled. So from broken glasses to "just like new" in one week. On a pastor's wage I can tell you that "little things" like that feel like huge blessings.

Especially this week - a week of large bills mainly on cars:

Service & Seat fixed $140
Tires $300
Warrant fees $80
Brake Pads $200

Total: $720

But it doesn't end there. Kristen needed to get a light fixed on her car and they did it for free.

But it doesn't end there. What do I find in the letter box yesterday afternoon? $250 in cash left anonymously!

But it doesn't end there. I'm checking our bank accounts yesterday evening and what do I find? A deposit of $500 has been made anonymously. Its titled "ACT II" in humourous reference to a previous anonymous (and very large) donation which is still a compete mystery to us.

So the way I look at it we're $30 in credit! That must have been for the glasses...


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