Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blogging Desert

Hasn't felt like a blogging week. So I didn't...

Sunday night we started the Money For Dummies series. It seemed to go well - actually better than I expected. It was a somewhat practical message which I struggled with a bit in the preparation. I had no end of material but was finding it hard to get excited about the overarching redemptive themes (ie there really weren't any). A new person specifically commented they would be back which surprised me - not that anyone would come back, but that a messgae on money would engender that sort of engagement. This week its Debt For Dummies...

We've been house hunting recently to no avail. I'm actually starting to get frustrated with it just a bit...all these grand theories about how much we'll save with this option etc. Its been instructive so far on trying to understand God's leading in this process. A couple of times we're felt to walk away, once from the almost perfect place (well under the bedroom/price theory we were working at that time anyway). Other times we've left doors wide open to see them close in a way we feel high levels of peace about. Anyways, it will happen - I think we know we can't stay here as much as we'd like to.

Good time hanging with Jeff Fussner yesterday - Jeff is my ministerial supervisor. I'm working on a revamped schedule and he was really helpful. So my life looks great on paper right now. Actually, its also pretty good in rea life but I want my time to count more - there are also some things I hold as high priorities/values that are not in my schedule. So I'm working through how to accomplish things for the long haul. Its a good process. And its all colour coded...

Today is leadership training which I always enjoy - we've had a few defections due to illness, bereavement and work clashes. Bummer. I'm not sure how many to expect! Praying it will impact those who do make it.

Speaking of impact - the car broke down on Thursday - right at a set of traffic lights. The indicator light starts slow down! Its like a UFO was right overhead...then the car I push it round the corner into a service station and ring the AA (yeah I really felt like a drink). They come pretty quick and its the alternator which has fried. We end up having the car towed (and that ends up being for free!) So, now its like $600 to have this thing fixed on the cheap...hmmm, might go check the account for acts of God!!!


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