Saturday, August 20, 2005


So I hate these things. But I guess sometimes you just have to suck it up.

Age: 37

Family: I am married to the holistically beautiful and ever humourous Kristen and father to the perpetually laughing child Rhys, aged 5 months.

Religion: I was an atheist until age 19 at which point I had a miraculous encounter with God which resulted in me receiving a substantial gift of faith...I have followed Jesus Christ ever since.

Ministry: I am pastor to the cessioncommunity, a recent church plant within the Wesleyan Methodist network of churches. It keeps me out of trouble. For my sins I am National Secretary, which basically means a lot of stuff ends up on my desk...

Education/Work: Completed a BA in History and a Law degree at Auckland University. Practised law for 10 years and closed out that career with some post graduate teaching. Completed an MBA and became a pastor (yeah a common course of study for pastoral ministry...but very useful for church planting). Was bivocational (but otherwise comfortable with my sexuality) for 5 years and went full time in pastoral ministry this year. Currently completing a Graduate Diploma through Carey Baptist College.

Favourite Movies: The Sting, Chitty Bang Bang, The Fifth Element

Favourite Books: Letter to the Ephesians, Enders Game, The Life You've Always Wanted, Renovation of the Heart, Nights Dawn Trilogy

Favourite Webpages: Um none really...

Favourite Other Blog: Servant Geek Dobber until he tagged me. Deurty who I helped church plant with in Michigan. I read a fair few but tend to stream of consciousness surf rather than follow any regulars.

Extracurricular Activities: Hanging with the fam, Watching rugby, Reading, Talking with friends

If I could be anyone I would be: A better version of me

T.V character I am most often likened to: No one, although people often say I look like Nick Farr-Jones (superior Aussie half back). In fact someone said it today!

If I wasn't a Christian I would be stereotyped as: A know-it-all

Biggest Fear: Dying

Biggest Fault: Slave to my emotions

Biggest Mistake: As an atheist teasing my sister about following Christ...feeling better about her gradual re engagement of faith...

Weirdest thing I've done: Too many to name...I once played strip golf...and lost...the penalty was a nude run...I negotiated boxers but I had to carry a large wooden statue of an over endowed male figure with me as if it were the Olympic torch...

Anyways, its done. No tags. You tag yourself if you really want to keep this going.


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