Monday, August 22, 2005

Dial Up Future

Been pondering recently the ways in which God leads us. We've been looking for a house for a little while now. Trying to downsize. And just when we think we might be onto something, it kind of dissipates. Now I'm not complaining about that, because I see it as one of the ways God is leading us. But it IS frustrating...anyways I'm getting back into my journalling as a way of staying more connected with my own processes and what God may be speaking to me...

If I were a painter
I would consume this canvas
But I find that I can barely join the dots
So I sit, pouring myself onto a page
That I might read the black and white of me
And pull up the grey from between the lines.
I try to dial up my future
But I all I get are the intermittent pips of disconnection
It is then I recall:
A prophet is never welcome in his own mind.

I like to help people, but I am really bad at helping myself. Keeps me humble. Well, relatively.


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