Monday, August 08, 2005

Life Without Sky

Everything I've read about the AB's narrow loss to South Africa makes me glad that responsible (read: boring, killjoy and depressing) financial decision making to lose the satellite subscription has occurred. Saturday night was a frustrating experience as I realised that free to air coverage of the 1am NZ time game would not be replayed until 4pm the next day! That's ridiculous. So I still haven't seen it cos the VCR is broken (see responsible financial decision making above). But I think I can live without a game of dropped ball and intercepted passes.

Had an interesting Friday. First, I ventured out early to have my car fixed (see responsible financial decision making above) and thus to avoid being fined for not having held a warrant of fitness these past 5 months. Its not my fault really - every time I take it in they find something new and then we have to save to get it fixed (see...above). So I don my sunglasses and stride manfully home in the chilly morning temp, my usual glasses in my pocket. I arrive home, well at the reserve immediately adjacent and make a big mistake. Instead of walking down the reserve and up our driveway I decide to jump the fence. I forgot something. No, my athleticism had remained intact. No, it wasn't the wrong fence. No, the fence wasn't fragile. But. My glasses, the ones in my pocket, were. So I am living in a state of semi blindness. I'm very glad I didn't have to preach this Sunday! On the positive side they can be fixed for $30 rather than the $350 I priced out new ones at (see more of the above). Meantime I have learned that the old song "I wear my sunglasses at night" is not as crazy as it sounds - I can actually see much better with them on...

Then it was off for coffee with Frank Ritchie...except he didn't have coffee...we talked bollocks about a range of things sprawled out in sun draped chairs on the Auckland waterfront. I discovered I am a very narrow conversationalist. I need to get out more ;)

The afternoon I went all over the area with Jim Wood looking for potential church buildings - if anyone can come up with a solution it will be Jim - great brain that boy.

Friday night was beer and pizza with the wife, except she didn't have the beer Marcia :)

Sunday night was cool - we ran our latest cafe, featuring the BlairGilesband. Lots of new faces and a typically amazing performance from Blair and his crew. Food was fantastic thanks to our own Jean Wan and her team of chefs. Great fun. I just had re heated spring rolls and salsa for breakfast. Mmmmmm

Anyways better get into the day, I'm rambling.

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