Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Slow Off the Mark

Bit slow into the blogging week - sign of some busyness and too much cricket on TV! Gym is going well and the weight is slowly coming off.

Melissa brought the smack on Sunday (someone once said that at Watermark so I've wanted to try that since...). I am so buzzed by having such an awesome colleague who ministers so effectively. She totally aced the message wrapping up our re:incarnation series with re:sourcing - looking at life in the Spirit. Some significant response again.

We are having such a great January with people finding a new home and God - we're not used to it, this being our first January as a church. I guess its a transition time for many people and us being up and running gives us an edge in helping people feel welcome and ministered to. Its been awesome to see.

Had some good times with people this week - some cession leaders + a pastoral meeting in my (unfamiliar) National Secretary role. Went well and a real privilege to minister to a couple who have been wonderfully sacrificial in their first ministry year.

Well gonna get back into the work - have a heap of stuff to clear...


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