Friday, January 21, 2005

Re: Laxing...

Its the day off and its been great so far! Weather is nice which is a good start. Solid gym session followed by coffee with Mike and Michelle Yates of Shore Grace, a church plant on the northern shores of Auckland (they're about 3 months older than us). It was nice to hang - talk a bit of "shop" and catch up with family life and 2005 plans. Great couple doing an awesome job.

Then a slightly weird phone discussion - at my MBA graduation (in England) it turned out I was top grad for that group of grads, so I get this prize etc. Now it transpires that there is to be full scale NZ grad ceremony on 1 March. Here's where it gets weird - I get my prize (which I already have) re-presented to me - what's more I get interviewed by NZ's leading business paper! How funny is that gonna be?!!! "Tell us how you're using your MBA?" "Well, I'm asking people to believe that the claims of a 1st century Jewish prophet to be God are true." Nice.

We had our first Life Group for 2005 - I'm very proud of our group - one of our couples will be planting a new group in '05. Life encountering truth. We had a new person turn up - she made a fresh commitment to Christ on Sunday evening. It was pretty cool.

Anyways, I see there's been some fun and games over at Emergent Wesleyan so I thought I'd go weigh in - I read this interesting article on former Creed lead singer Scott Stapp recently which has something to offer the debate.


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