Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Shank's Pony Day

Translation to my global audience: I'm walking today! We lent our car to some friends whose car self-destructed on the weekend...some would say I need the exercise...there's a chance they would be right...there's a whole irony behind that story which the fleshy part of me longs to blog on...but even in this relatively safe forum of 2 or 3 it would be a little less WWJD that even I would stoop to!

Big week getting fired up about our outreach cafe this Sunday. Excited at the opportunities to invite people and help them encounter truth. Its actually a pretty low key event - we use it as a relational link more than a direct gospel presentation. Should be heaps of fun!

Had week 2 of our Journeys Series last night here at the house. We had a young seeker show up after we re-ran week 1's video after Sunday's gathering. As he left the house he remarked: "I'd just love to stay and watch the whole rest of the series now!" He had a ton of questions! Right now I'd say he's leaning towards Judaism...I told him I could understand that particularly in light of the removal of the difficult question of Jesus from the scene - it makes it easier to worship this single God without the complication of the resurrection. But of course, if you're heading down that route you then have to ask yourself: was Jesus really the Messiah? He has read quite extensively and commented that many Rabbis will tell you that only an uneducated Jew would believe that! I responded with the fact that Acts tells us that the disciples were exactly that: unschooled men who walked around doing miracles. Then there's the small problem of Paul...he laughed at that...so a very interesting night...

A poignant footnote: this guy came because of my decision to run the video Sunday night. That decision precipitated the resignation I blogged on yesterday. I recall a story about some sheep. Sometimes the 99 get pissed when the under-shepherd goes after the one.


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