Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sunny Weather

Its been a great start to the Spring/Summer! The weather is often unsettled at this time of year and while we have had some wicked thunderstorms they have been short and sharp. Made me realise with the jet setting of the past few years I have missed a full summer - and 2 Christmas Days in NZ. My Mother will be pleased to have me round this year.

Week is going well. Had a great meeting with Melissa and Melva - a new cession partner with experience in small group ministry planning some next steps with small group's ministry. Really solid time of planning - good amount of visioning but some great immediate action points that are already bearing fruit.

We're in full swing planning our outreach cafe - the stories that are coming back to me are amazing. The amount of preparation that the various teams are putting into this is awesome. I'm simply praying the budget will stretch! I've said I'll help with the coffee making as I figure thats a great way to connect with people in a natural way. First time we've had the people power to let me out of the kitchen. But more amazing are the stories I'm hearing about the invites people are extending. Liz one of our new recruits in 2004 invited her friend to come but also suggested she bring some artwork to display so we can help her financially while she recovers from an accident. That's extending community Acts 2:42-47 style...Another guy Pete asked his Masters research supervisor - she's coming and he's meeting up beforehand to make sure she finds the place...thats just smart...and the list goes on - Kristen managed to reconnect with a lady she met at a cake decorating class who lives just down the road...she says she will come as well...I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!

This Saturday we have our final cessionIcore advance for the year. Should be good.

Right, a lot to do today, so better get on with getting on...


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