Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Dust Settles

Its been a busy 3 weeks...first teaching and then Conferencing...I have felt more schizophrenic than usual, by which I mean torn between my competing worlds...just for a change...

The result? Conference was a really refreshing experience. Great worship, speakers and workshops. I also found great encouragement from the US guests - particularly Steve, Phil and Pete - its amazing how the "iron sharpening iron" tritism (thats a new word I believe) actually works in practice! I just found some needed reinforcement about what we're doing and where I need to sharpen up.

I've also arranged with my law boss that I will not teach the 4 week fulltime block I had earlier contracted for in Nov/Dec. I'm only doing it for the money and the paying off of some debt. When you put things in perspective and examine the cost on family and ministry its just not worth it. So I will see out the part time contract over the next 2 weeks and that will be it. It feels like a good decision.

This week has been a cool week for connecting with people not a part of the cessionIcommunity. God has answered the prayer of my heart that I can learn to be more "incarnational" within the community here in Botany. This week I met Ninio who works at BurgerFuel and lives just down the road from where we meet. Keith a petrol station attendent with a passion for movies was interested in hearing that we use a lot of multimedia in our church. An old High School friend Tony was surprised to hear from me when I rang him after 15 + years to reconnect the friendship. Brad and Kim came to the outreach BBQ/fireworks night we had last night. They're becoming a part of our community as people reach toward them with friendship. Its been good.

Today, holds a lot of work but not many people which is good. Need a break from them! So better keep moving - its a great day outside!


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