Monday, November 01, 2004

Catch Up

Its been a little while...

Its been fun having Deurty here along with Phil Struckmeyer, Mark Gorveatte, Peter Newhouse and Scott Parker...not enough time to hang out it has to be said! Phil has been here staying with us so thats been good. Still hoping for some more time just hanging, talking etc

Conference weekend was good. 18 churches this year. cession was recognised as a Pioneer church. That was cool - I broke the rules and took my entire team on stage for the presentation! Great worship and Steve did an awesome job preaching Saturday night.

I was elected National Secretary 36-2...I think I must be the first NS in the world to be inducted in jeans. It seemed right to do it that first campaign promise is to abolish the role...honestly, I think it is a stupid role so I'm gonna do my best to change the job description and name etc.

Light Party outreach went well. Kristen and her team did a great job. cessionconnect was fun - an All Hallows Eve Service - celebrating the saints in our lives - I did this convenient v prevenient grace thing using Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch from Acts 8 as an was OK but with the Conference worship to organise, it was a little light on prep!

So, I am ready for some sleep. I advised the law job I would prefer NOT to teach the 4 full time weeks in November/December. That will have a financial implication but I feel good about the decision. I'm having few problems with my class and one of the management but I'm just trying to play it grace and truth - its hard, but things went better today. Right my bed is calling. No. It was just Kristen.


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