Saturday, September 18, 2004

Sleepy Saturday

Ahhh...the joy of not having to preach this weekend! We have Rob Bell helping out this week. He was remarkably OK about it - told him we were doing something on Missions and he said he had just the message. Apparently he made it into a DVD called "Trees" so for those of you not lucky enough to actually have Rob Bell squeeze you into his schedule I thoroughly recommend it...

It has meant a relaxed Saturday! Lunch with a good friend. A couple of games of rugby. Overgrown lawns tamed once more. Home made pizza and movie on the couch with the wife. Contentment.

Had a good catch up with Grant - a good chance to connect and "ground" each other - we have that kind of friendship where we can check in on each other. He was more assertive than is his usual style which makes me think I should pay attention to his advice. Came away with some good ideas building on a Hybel's DVD the team watched last night at our Leadership Dinner.

Speaking of which...this was just phemomenal - 20 great people gathered at our home for a meal and leadership training. I looked around the room during dinner and thought: wow, what might God do with this awesome team? I think we made a bit of a breakthrough in doing some paradigm shifting. My fave part - Pete, the guy I baptised back in April, comes up to me and tells me he's ready to take a next step on a great idea he had a while back for a sports ministry initiative. He's already recruited someone for his team and they are meeting tomorrow to lay it out. Amazing. I asked Pete to come to our leadership small group as well, so I'm thinking this is all gooood.

Well its coming round to bedtime. I have a ton of reading to do for my Wesleyan Holiness block course next weekend. It amazing what you can find online though - with what I have here already and a bunch of old stuff which is full texted online I have all I need. Now, I just have to read and write a couple of short essays. Think I might just schedule some time in tomorrow afternoon - no last minute message prep :)

Have a great Sunday whenever you are


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