Monday, September 20, 2004

The God of Surprises...

A couple of blogs ago I wrote about my church employment situation. I confessed my growing desperation at dealing with multiple jobs (going on 5 years now), my largely unacknowledged resentment towards church leaders at their (apparent) standing by and did my best to pass this back into the hands of a God who has always provided for me financially. But. Honestly, I didn't expect anything to change fast. And that was OK - after all, its the nature of church planting in a country like New Zealand - there just isn't the money.

Well. I was wrong. Last night our finance guy rang to say they are in a position to adjust my salary closer to full time. God is nice. I'm still going to have to honour the law contracts I have but the extra money may mean we can end the year without the dreaded overdraft. I am still slightly shocked! God is very nice.

Last night was cool at the cessioncommunity - we started a missions mini-series and had a great panel discussion with a variety of people from various walks of life - a school principal, a Christian radio programme director, a Christian social worker and a recently returned overseas missionary. It was very revealing talking with them about call, the hardships, the rewards and the impact of a life lived entirely for God's purposes. We wanted to demonstrate a wide definition of "missions" and I think our guests achieved this goal for us. Rob Bell was good as well - he was almost as good as the DVD version of the message I saw the other day...

We had 5 people join us as Partners following the Plugging In seminar I ran on Sunday afternoon.

Anyways, better head into the day. Fun times.


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