Thursday, September 23, 2004

Garfield State of Mind

I relate to Garfield. The love of food. The need for affirmation. The self-centred pursuit of pleasure. But I thought none of those thoughts as I watched this very funny movie with my nieces and nephew (these are the kids of late wife's sister). They are on school vacation for 2 weeks and I try to grab at least a half day with them. We then returned home to cook (what else) but Lasagne (for the uninitiated this Garfield's favourite food). We always have a great time cooking - each of them gets a job to do. Susanne and Ian then arrived for the meal, a nice red and some real coffee. Bill Murray is just perfect as the voice of Garfield - well worth the watch if you have to endure a kids movie!

I chaired a mayoral debate on Tuesday - we had over 150 people show up and it appeared to go very well. I don't much like those sorts of things but its a way to serve the community and connect with people. Afterward an older lady came up to me and aggressively cajoled me for allowing the chairperson of the local ministers association to pray to close. She told me she was disgusted at being "exposed to prayer". I wondered whether she had in her universe been exposed to anything more than empty words as she clearly didn't subscribe to the efficacy of prayer, but held back this commentary. I politely explained to her that the LifeGrowth Community Trust is a Christian trust serving the community and that we had taken the initiative. She said she would never come to one of these again. I encouraged her in that decision. Pray for this embittered woman who obviously carries some deep wounds.

Father and baby are doing well. I have been offering all sorts of audio advice on picking up chicks, playing rugby and so forth. Kristen is concerned "it" may be a girl. She is doing better these days - having a cold has not helped all the other usual symptoms.

Better run...


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