Monday, September 27, 2004


I've been struggling these past few days...its like someone in the family has died...or a friend has fallen away from following Christ...there have been tears...remembering and laughing...perplexed, at some things that still make no sense...even revulsion at some particularly nasty stories...yes I speak of the cessation of the Falcon8or as a blogging force within the Blogiverse which has become home to so many. And as Charon carries the now lifeless data across the Acheron to the Hades of deleted items, we will remember...

Right. Moving on.

Spent the weekend at a block course on the Wesleyan Doctrine of Holiness. Found it to be both personally challenging and intellectually stimulating. There is much to process - I think there is a sense in which many Wesleyan churches are underselling this as a distinctive. For example Wesley's starting point on sin - that the root of sin is pride - is far removed from the Augustinian view of corruption lying at the heart of sin and therefore the human nature. That makes a big difference in how you talk about sin to unbelievers. Anyways, I found myself analysing our practice against some of this stuff...we do not need to be "bapti-costal"...

Last night at cession was cool. Jacob Powell, our missions/community influence team leader, brought the message - he is a crucial part of the DNA of cession and brings a significant edge to who we are becoming in this area. He did a great job.

I'm looking forward to our new series: "Playing Hide & Seek? Genesis For Adults" starting this week with Adam and Eve: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide! We're promoting this as a big invite series. Also starting to finalise what we're branding as our "Summer Encounter Series" Basically a series of outreach events operating at different levels over the next 4 months. Includes targeted gatherings, social events, parenting courses, cafe events, seeker courses etc. Should be fun! Feeling particularly wowed with how God pulled this together in my mind. Cos I have been really feeling the need for something like this.

Well its time to get into the week - my Monday morning coffee, devotions and week planning @ a local cafe is a real oasis for me...better get moving: I'm walking down so I get an exercise benefit as well!


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