Thursday, July 22, 2004


Well I got my provisional result for my MBA dissertation yesterday, along with a comment sheet that sounded like it had been produced using a cut and paste approach from standard comments.  Provisional means they can change it.  Result means they tell you that is is at least 56% - Um I should hope its at least 56%!  Feels like a momumental waste of time telling me nothing.  So, figuring that this letter that took over a week to reach me had arrived after the confirmation process had concluded I emailed asking for my final results letter to be sent to me...answer?  No we can't do this (even though we know what the results are) for "data protection and privacy reasons".  Sorry, thats my data and my privacy you're being so ridiculous over.  A lot of times I think I hate this PC world we live in.  I mean I thoroughly regret, with a deep sense of of loss and an acknowledgement of the subjective nature of my egocentric worldview's tendency to oppress University administrators by requesting highly sensitive information, that I asked.

She said she hoped the letter would go out by the end of this week.  Course it will then take another week to get here.  I'm not sure what action she will be taking to protect my privacy and data in replying in writing.  Probably by stamping a big "confidential" on the outside.  That should work well.

So this has been a blog without purpose because I, like the letter yesterday, have really said nothing.  Now I better go - this whole blogging experience has been an exercise that really puts at risk my data privacy.


Jonesboy, MBA

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