Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday Goings-On

A great night at cession this evening.  Big crowd (for us) in.  Had a dedication - our first one as a community actually.  Went really well and we made up some new traditions on the way!  Thats the good thing about doing a church plant (I'm sure there are other things as well)  you get to make up instant traditions!  Anyways, I didn't drop the baby or anything bad form like that.  She didn't cry, crap or crawl away so that was good too. 
Nick the atheist liked my message and complimented us on the way the service had been put together.  I noticed him singing during the first song bracket.  He's close.  We meet this week to talk about him coming on worship team to play some bass...that will be interesting...
Met a young SDA tonight as well - he had come along previously to cession before the church plant - he plays organ in his SDA church but states he has not made a commitment to Christ.  We talked about keyboard playing for a while before he asked me what we were doing next week - I told him.  He's close too.  He can't play the organ if he joins us though.  Its the devil.
I had fun tonight starting our series on the church (Un)Orthodox-Y.  I told them I planned to use 4 adjectives to describe the church as it should be - Ruthless, Exclusive, Desperate and Radical...I enjoyed that moment...anyways tonight was "Ruthless Community" - community you'd kill for...almost!  You can check out the site (to the right) for more info or to find out what the other 3 adjectives describe...
Well, I'd better get off to bed.    Its cold here tonight - I'm looking forward to a warm bed.
Oh I nearly forgot - for you Aussophopes - they got killed - NZ slaughtered them - the score appeared close 16-7 but the weather was appalling which affected handling.  Suffice it to say that at one stage in the second half the Aussies had spent just 1 minute inside the NZ quarter line with NZ having had something like 28 minutes in the same area!  Thats domination in anyone's book.  Made me feel proud.

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