Friday, July 23, 2004

Is it over already?

So here's the weird thing - I emailed the Auckland contact for my MBA and the final results had just arrived at her office.   So I went in to get the results...I don't want to brag, but it begins with an "A"...
I'm still a little bemused by the feedback straight out of "Quotes for Academics" (The Abidged Version) but at least its a pass and the thing is now over after a 6 year slog.  That's longer than the combined time it took me to do the first 2 degrees!  I think I need a break.
Now my boss wants me to write articles.  Its OK for him to say: he has a masochistic bookwriting fetish.  But for me, once the idea is conceived the pleasure passes...I find it somewhat boring then to write about it...
Then there's the stark reality: I think maybe 2 people other than me have actually read the thing (the marker and the moderator) so what does that tell you about the riveting nature of the subject matter?  Maybe I just need to come up with an angle:
"The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Volunteer Abuse"
"The Five C's of Volunteer Coercion" Condemnation - Cajoling - Criticism - Castigation - Control
"Burn Out, or Burn in Hell" The leaders guide to servanthood that hurts like it should
I see the hits on this website have tripled since I wrote that...
The venerable CC asks whether I have lost any weight.  The answer is: Yes - nearly 10lbs.  Heading off to the gym shortly if I don't get overly obsessed with my computer.  Its the day off which usually works OK for a leisurely gym visit - weights today - not as boring as the cardio grind.  Have a lunch booked in with a friend but not much else planned.  Should be good.
Well, time to pump iron: I am man, hear me roar!
JonesBuff, MBA (Mighty Big Arms)

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