Sunday, July 25, 2004

Morning Musings

Sunday morning arrives after a relaxing Saturday - got some message writing time and enjoyed that process of blending inputs on the passage I'm preaching through - from commentators, articles, historical bits to my own insights: "Exclusively Inclusive" - week 2 of our (UN)Orthodox-Y series.  Its not quite there yet, I'll need to polish this afternoon.

Had some friends over for dinner to watch the All Blacks maintain their unbeaten record this season by beating South Africa.  I found myself reflecting on a message I preached a few weeks back as I punched the air in euphoria as the NZers finally took the lead: The ectasy that playing (I mean winning of course) or watching sports provides us with a "divine moment".  A British theologian I'm quite fond of put it like this: "The man who knocks on the door of the brothel is looking for God."  That is to say the seeking of ecstatic experiences whether through sex, drugs, alcohol, movies, food...or sport is part of us seeking to quench our thirst for what a real encounter with the Living God would offer.  Its part of who we are - God seekers - but we become focused on the substitutes - thats partly because we can control our access to these things, but with God, well we have less influence!  Apart from the fact that through Jesus we can have access to God - direct, immediate, complete.  Nice.

Well better away.  Much to do before the curtain goes up, or is that down, or split or something...


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