Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday Wrap

Another awesome night with the cessioncommunity on Sunday.  There is something about Communion that connects with people in a deep way.  We're actually quite sacramental in our worship gatherings and I can often get a "read" on what God is doing in people by the way they respond.  This week, they were slow to come forward - in preaching on John 8:1-11 - the woman caught in adultery I had pointed to the way in which God includes us and how that our state before Him is a great leveller in life.  When we truly see ourselves in that light we will much less quickly exclude others.  Anyways, I was interested to know whether Jesus, even in the knowledge of Judas' impending betrayal, included him in the Last Supper.  I'm no theologian but I think its almost certain he did.  Some of the gospels have him eating bread but Luke is clearest on the whereabouts of Judas when he quotes Jesus in 22:21, "But the hand of him who is going to betray me is with mine on the table."  How amazing that we can come to the table in the same way.  Judging from some of the comments post gathering there were some deep thoughts being thunk. 
We sprung a surprise on people - we had a "mystery shopper" along that night who I interviewed - someone who was there to assess how good we were at welcoming and befriending people.  We got a good response and he gave the band a wrap as well.  Risky but worth it!
This (Un)orthodox-Y series has been a lot of fun.  I've had a ball preaching up the church as it can be!  This week I get a spell and a chance to be inspired by the soon to be Pastor Melissa who is being licensed this week.  She is a stimulating preacher - loves the Word and doesn't flinch from a deeper examination of it than many would take the trouble to engage.  I'm taking the time to catch up on some "infrastructural" stuff that needs doing.
Today was quiet.  Caught up with a friend for lunch who is having a few marriage problems.  A good chance to connect and offer some support.  Came home and pulled out our couples devotional - we'd not been doing it since we got back - lunch today made me recognise the importance of maintaining that investment.  We had a good time remembering to take time together with God.
Time for bed,

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