Monday, May 17, 2004

Midwinter Sun

It was a beautiful mid winter's day yesterday - today looks like being another...fresh winter temperatures but warm in the sun! I like days like that.

The weekend felt a bit like that personally. For some reason there was respite despite the ongoing pace. A potential disaster Sunday morning with key worship people out of commission turned into a win. Sunday evening didn't quite "fire" - not 100% sure why - but I felt that I preached well on "The Body" and that the Vision took over...if you know what I mean. I preached out of Nehemiah and looked at different angles on how Nehemiah built (moved by vision, in the context of community, with all his heart) and that he built much more than a wall. It was pretty good for a 40 minute preparation phase (although I have to admit the ideas had been percolating for some days without ever making it to paper).

Some cool things happened last night - 2 weeks ago a young woman previously, but inconsistently, following Christ turned up - she connected in immediately with our Back to Basics Life group and has come both weeks. God has been showing up in her life and given her the opportunity to minister to a friend who is in a bad place - she brought the friend Sunday night... Another friend of mine (actually we flatted together for 4 years and I was his best man at his wedding) turned up as well. I've been asking him for a while now - he used to be right into God but the (persistent) lure of feminine wiles slowly created a barrier between him and God. Anyway he's married now so he can stop feeling guilty... So, some other friends of ours who Kristen has been connecting with actually brought them along! It was very cool to see him there. I don't know where that will all go but I pray that he caught something of God while he was there and that his wife (never been to church) saw something that will start some things for her...

Some people to connect with this week - I'm looking forward to that. I always feel like I do the most important part of this deal when I make the time to meet with people. Somehow the other stuff still gets done.

Right I'm off to make my week plan. An obvious (but neglected) discipline I'm reinvigorating this week.


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