Friday, May 14, 2004


Had the BTB Life Group last night. Very cool again. Most of them potential leaders - I feel good about the investment. Not sure whether I'm doing the job or not.

Having a love/hate relationship with a video I am working on - I love doing it - but am under resourced (mainly from a skill POV) and struggling with some corrupted footage.

I am contemplating having to lead worship on Sunday. I had built my team up last year to 5 leaders. Now I have only one of those left who is not even available this month. I have recruited one more but she is committed in other areas of the church as well so has limited availability. I am working with 2 others but they're not going to be ready for this week, nor the next. I'm just not that good a keyboard player that I can play and talk at the same time. Should be a laugh.

Well I've deleted most of this blog. It was maybe cathartic for me to a point.

I'm not sure what to do with most of it.

And my lawns are overgrown. Thats a metaphor for something I'm sure. Then again, I could just be lazy.


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