Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Closeup on Closeup

Sunday night was a blast with the third in our CloseUp: series - this week a CloseUp: On Formation...we heard the story of John and Nancy (names have been changed to protect the innocent) who told of their recent engagement (Friday) and associated decision to live apart - John and Nancy have been on a long journey of giving over their lives to Christ - they've been living together pretty much since they connected with the cession|community - its been an ongoing process of surrender and formation. Sunday was a celebration of Christ being formed in them to the point that they have decided to take a very counter-cultural stand - as John said during my interview with him, "This doesn't suit us at all, I don't WANT to do it." What an amazing way to honour God and each other. I'm looking forward to their wedding this summer.

I'm pretty much at the end of the teaching contract for the moment - thats good news for time management but bad news for the bank balance. I'm feeling annoyed with myself today - the bank rang a few weeks ago while I was buried in my MBA studies to ask about rolling over our term loan - I was too distracted to make a decision - now I find that the rates have gone up at least half a percent! That sucks. There are some big bills to pay this week and the mortgage continues to eat its head off. I remember in the church planters assessment centre Kristen and I did back in the USA where one of the guys talked about going without pay for months on end - thats not quite our scenario but its a real challenge right now. Guess it'll work out. :)

Been filming this morning and chatting with the Rev re the future - managed to lay out the dream of being full time on staff. Also working on some steps to keep the cession|community growing in this area along with small group and ministry involvement. Been a good productive day so far. Well better go and keep it that way!


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